Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Mavitec Rendering also offers rental possibilities to test your own material or to increase capacity when needed.


The Paddle Depacker is designed to separate the organic material from the packaging and delivers a very clean organic output that is extremely suitable for use in biogas installations. The machine is able to depack a wide variety of food waste and produces a very clean organic output (> 99,5% clean!) as well as the cleanest packaging fraction in the market.

The Paddle Depacker Roadshow is a unique opportunity to see the Paddle Depacker running and test your own material. The Paddle Depacker Roadshow is a complete food waste depackaging unit, built on a trailer. The trailer is equipped with complete Paddle Depacker system, handling up to 30 m3 material per hour. Including 4 m3 twin screw, feeding hopper, Paddle Depacker and discharge options for organic material (wet and dry) and plastics. The unit is operated easily by a digital control panel with touch screen and is up and running in less than 1 hour; only power and/or liquid is needed.

Want to test your material at your own site?
The Paddle Depacker is installed on a trailer and will be located at your site. Contact us for rental options: or +31 (0)72 574 59 88.