Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit 

Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit 

The Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit is installed at Aeres MBO Barneveld near next to the Poultry Innovation Lab of Poultry Expertise Centre in Barneveld. This innovative on-the-spot production-unit is able to produce 1 ton of larvae per day and enables poultry farms to take a big step towards sustainability. Make the most out of the enormous potential of insects by using smart technology: a revolutionary idea of Amusca, made by Mavitec.

Animal feed nutrition

Dr. Ir. Walter Jansen of Amusca, an expert in insects, had a mission: to produce living insect larvae for the production of protein for the poultry and aqua-feed industries. With the HF-Larvae Breeding Unit the enormous potential of insects can be used for animal feed, human nutrition, added value products and bio-chemicals. The living larvae can be produced in a way that is affordable, healthy and good for the environment.

Smart insect technology

HF-Larvae Breeding Unit is able to produce 3.500 kg living larvae per day. A clean, green and natural way to upgrade protein with smart insect technology. The unit is located in two 40ft containers stacked on top of each other, in which the flies are kept. This is the ‘home’ where the flies grow, from egg to larvae. In these containers Amusca and Mavitec managed to control the perfect climate for flies. Smart software and high tech engineering create ideal living conditions for flies as well as their eggs and larvae. To realize this unique protein innovation, Amusca found Mavitec as the perfect partner. Mavitec is an expert in engineering, designing, production and installation from individual equipment up to complete turnkey projects and specialized in high-quality recycling processes. Amusca and Mavitec: the ideal combination of smart insect technology and innovative process technology!

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