Fat sterilizer

Fat sterilizer

Fat Sterilizer

The Mavitec Fat Sterilizing system is an automated batch system which can be supplied with various capacities. It’s developed to work according to EU Commission regulation No. 142/2011 which implements EC Regulation 1069/2009.


  • The Fat Sterilizing system; charging, heating, pressurization, retention time, pressure release and discharging, is done in an automated cycle
  • Minimum human interference is required, while the required parameters are monitored and controlled
  • Process data are logged for quality control and veterinarian inspections
  • The process operates at a temperature more than 133° for at least 20 minutes at an absolute pressure of 3 bar, according to Method 1; Pressure Sterilization, High pressure screw press
  • Special feed hopper set-up
  • Including unit for choke operation
  • Wide capacity range of fat presses


  • Capacity: 1 – 10 ton per hour

For more technical information check out our product sheet of the Fat Sterilizer