Continuous hydrolyzor

Continuous hydrolyzor

Continuous Hydrolyzor

The Continuous Hydrolyzor™ is used for the continuous hydrolyzing process of feathers or hair, after this the material is dried in the Ring dryer or Disc Dryer. If your company requires high capacities, low energy input and the best possible end product the Continuous Hydrolyzor™ is the perfect solution for you!


  • Hydrolyzing of feathers process within the rendering of animal by-products industry
  • Integrated feather press
  • No large floor space needed which results in lower building costs
  • Low operating cost
  • Few moving part for lower maintenance costs
  • Low steam usage
  • Easy controllability
  • Flexible revering the raw material input wet or dry


  • Capacity: 3 ton till 13 ton per hour

For more technical information check out our product sheet for the Continuous Hydrolyzor™