The T-Pump is designed for viscous material like crushed shop return material, sludges, raw materials, etc.

Mono Pump for transporting the organic material, from the Shop Return Press to a storage tank.

Tallow Carbon steel paddle type pump with tapered feed screw, for handling large particle size, discharge header assembly consisting of 3-50 mm std. pipe long radius bends, 50 mm ball valve, 2-20 mm ball valves prepiped for product line cleanout, direct coupled to a motor with coupling guard.


  • Hydraulically operated
  • Heavy duty execution
  • Simple, Low maintenance design
  • Compact size
  • Low installed kW compared to capacity
  • Unique water box system prevents product contamination


  • 8” x 24 à up to 10 tons per hour*
  • 12”x 24 à up to 20 tons per hour*

* depends on material composition

For more technical information check out our product sheet of the T-Pump