Create the best nutrient values in the market

We design, build & service RENDERING systems

Mavitec is specialized in complete systems and equipment for rendering animal by-products. Maximize the value of your animal by-products! 

systems & equipment

mavitec rendering solutions

In-line NIRS

A fast, easy and reliable (in-line) continuous quality control for insight in the quality of end-products in protein and tallow/fat/oil.

Batch Cooker

Turn high volumes of animal by-products into the highest quality end-products with a capacity up to 11.000 kg per batch.


High capacity continuous cooking solution creates high evaporation capacities from 2 ton up to 16 ton per hour.

Feather Press

The Feather Press is designed for pre-separation of transfer water from broiler feathers and reduces the bound water in the feathers.

rendering process

How it works

Rendering is nutrient management

Rendering is about making the best profit out of animal by-products. Mavitec specializes in high-quality recycling processes. Our rendering technology turns animal by-products into high quality proteins, oils, fats and tallow, suitable for many applications, from pet food to cosmetics. 

HIgh quality proteins and oils

Meat & bone meal, Poultry meat meal, Whole meal

Feather meal

Blood meal

Tallow, fat, oil

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Mavitec 20 year anniversary

customer experience


"FeedNova: One of the most modern rendering plants in Europe"

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Southeast Asia

" Maviterc's rendering technology converts animal by-products into valuable proteins/meal for applications such as animal feed or pet food industry. "

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The Netherlands

"Smart insect technology enables poultry farms to take a big step towards sustainability."

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Saving energy with PCRS

Mavitec’s Pressurized Condensate Return System (PCRS) is designed to reduce steam energy consumption up to 15%. This collection and pumping...

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Mavitec 20 year anniversary

Today Mavitec is celebrating its twentieth anniversary! On 1 July 2002, Mavitec B.V. was officially founded. Started with five people,...

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customer experience

Mavitec 20 year

On 1 July 2002, Mavitec B.V. was officially founded by Maco van Heumen, who took over the rendering activities from his father Henk van Heumen....

Innovation in poultry rendering

Mavitec solutions create high protein and high digestibility With a global growing need for proteins...

Europe’s most modern rendering plant

After two years of construction and installation the largest modern plant of feed additives in...

Waste management and circularity SouthEast Asia

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