Innovation in poultry rendering

Innovation in poultry rendering

Mavitec solutions create high protein and high digestibility

With a global growing need for proteins and energy, processing animal by-products offers an essential part of the answer to this problem. Mavitec, expert in high quality process systems for the recycling of animal byproducts, has one clear mission: maximize the value of your by-products in the most economic, ecologic and ergonomic way. Within the rendering industry
animal by-products are processed in a professional and sanitary way. Animal by-products are products from the meat production chain which are not considered to be edible. The composition and the quality of the by-products may vary from country to country depending on cultural and/or eating habits. However, before use in other processes they have to be treated and processed first.

Nutrient management
Mavitec is specialized in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installation of high quality process systems for the recycling of animal by-products. Mavitec is worldwide active from its headquarters in The Netherlands and known for creating the best nutrient values in the market. Mavitec machines turn animal by-products into high quality proteins and oils such as meat and bone meal, poultry meat meal, feather meal, blood meal, whole meal, tallow, fat and oil, suitable for use in pet food, animal feed, oleochemical and/ or pharmaceutical industry. Mavitec’s commitment is supplying solutions for taking by-products from one process and recycling them in valuable products for further applications. Maco van Heumen, CEO of Mavitec Group: ‘The way of processing determines the value of the end products. This is why we say that rendering is not waste handling it’s nutrient management. With our extensive experience, technology and processes we are able to extract the highest possible protein out of feathers, blood or other poultry by-products.’

Poulty rendering
One of Mavitec’s specialities is poultry rendering, a process that handles all by-products of the slaughter process. There are different ways of poultry processing and the quality of end-product depends on the raw material composition you put in the system. Van Heumen explains: ‘Basically it means, what you put in you will get out. Poultry by-product processing starts with five possible product flows: feathers, blood, soft by-products (heads, legs, intestines), Doa’s and farm/hatchery by-products. All products can be processed into valuable end-products with each its specific process. The main objective is to stabilize the products by driving off the moisture, sterilize the product and turn it into a combination of protein (meal) and oil or only a protein. By following the processes described in EU legistation 1069/2011 guarantees can be given in terms of end-quality and the security to be free from any salmonella, e. coli or clostridium.

Each product has its own specific process that can be designed, based on capacity in a batch or continuous process. Volumes above 50 tons raw material per day are mostly processed in continuous systems, while smaller volumes are processed in a batch process. Poultry meat meal has an average protein content varying from 62-68% with a digestibility above 80%. The oil content can be used as feed additive or for biofuel industry. Feathers have a protein content varying from 82-88% with a digestibilty above 80%. Blood has a protein content of 93-95% with a digestibilty above 90%. End-products from Doa’s, hatchery and farm waste can be used for fertilizer applications.’

Complete protein and oil analysis
High nutrient values and high digestibility are the key ingredients for use in high quality pet food or animal feed. Mavitec continues developing and the latest innovation is a new in-line method to analyze and optimize the quality of these meals and oils. The in-line Near InfraRed Spectrometer (NIRS) provides real-time data for moisture, protein, tallow/fat/oil, ash and FFA. A fast, easy and reliable in-line continuous quality management & process control tool to get insight in the quality of endproducts. The unit enables you to extract the highest possible value from each batch or continuous process. The result: high value management information and the best possible quality parameters. A valuable addition to the rendering process to maximize the value of your end-products.


Livestock & Poultry ME/Asia July/September 2020


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