• 04Feb

    New office! Mavitec Deutschland

    From 1 February 2021 Mavitec Green Energy has established a new office in Germany: Mavitec Deutschland. To follow up the fast growing activities and demand for Mavitec Green Energy’s unique food waste & depackaging solutions, we are proud to announce the opening of our German office. Ready to intensify our services and support in order Read more

  • 21Dec

    Season’s Greetings

    Mavitec Group wishes you merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!   We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in 2020 and look forward to working with you in 2021. 2020 was a year full of changes. We missed the opportunity to see each other in real Read more

  • 08Dec

    Virtual mission Southeast Asia: ‘Waste management and circularity’

    During the virtual mission to Southeast Asia, from 1-4 december 2020, the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Vietnam hosted a webinar to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Mekong Delta. Mavitec took part in a panel highlighting the circular economy and waste management. In this field Mr. Helmus Damen offered practical Read more

  • 01Dec

    Article: How to make money from recycling

    How to get higher profitability from waste than from meat production? One of our Ukrainian customers explains. Maximize the value of your by-products!   “In both Europe and the US, rendering in some cases brings higher margins than the finished chicken.”   Read the complete article: Interview Mironovsky – Latifundist.com 02-12-2020 EN       Read more

  • 23Nov

    Successful relocation Amusca Breeding Unit

    After an intensive period of engineering, building and testing at Mavitec Heerhugowaard, the Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit has arrived at Aeres MBO Barneveld in Barneveld last week! The unit was installed near Poultry Innovation Lab of Poultry Expertise Centre. This innovative on-the-spot production-unit is able to produce 1 ton of larvae per day and enables Read more

  • 06Nov

    Preparations for the installation of Larvae Breeding Unit

    Preparations for the installation of the Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit at Aeres MBO Barneveld in Barneveld! The Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit will be installed near Poultry Innovation Lab of Poultry Expertise Centre. This innovative on-the-spot production-unit is able to produce 1 ton of larvae per day and enables poultry farms to take a big step Read more

  • 21Sep

    Article: Innovation in poultry rendering

    Interesting article in the September issue of Livestock & Poultry ME/Asia about Mavitec’s poultry rendering solutions.                     Want to know more? Please contact us: info@mavitec.com.

  • 28Aug

    New! In-line NIRS: smart quality & process control

    Mavitec presents a smart technology to analyze and optimize your process for more profit. In cooperation with Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy Mavitec introduces the in-line Near InfraRed Spectrometer (NIRS), a fast, easy and reliable continuous quality control for insight in the quality of end-products in protein and tallow / fat / oil. This unit provides valuable Read more

  • 18Aug

    Food waste depackaging possible revenue maker

    The power of the Paddle Depacker! Nice article in the current issue of Render Magazine (August 2020) about our food waste depackaging solution as possible revenue maker for the rendering industry. More information about the Paddle Depacker.

  • 27Jul

    New Mavitec truck collection

    The latest addition to our truck collection! Besides a Mavitec Green Energy trailer we now also have a trailer with Mavitec design (tarpaulin and backdoor printing). Ready to ship more Paddle Depackers to happy customers across Europe.