Mavitec 20 year

Mavitec 20 year

Since 2002 your reliable partner

On 1 July 2002, Mavitec B.V. was officially founded by Maco van Heumen, who took over the rendering activities from his father Henk van Heumen. Started with five people at a small office in Heerhugowaard with one clear mission: offer the highest quality and excellent service to make a plant more profitable, as well as to improve the environment.

Mavitec has always been focussing on building high quality recycling systems; complex process solutions in a simple and effective way, in the most Economic, Ecologic and Ergonomic way. Mavitec finds and maximizes value from organic by-products. It’s about processing waste materials and turning them into new products, thereby preventing wastage of potentially usefull materials.

With a growing global need for proteins and energy, processing organic by-products is an essential part of the answer to this problem. With over twenty years of rendering experience, Mavitec expanded its business with providing solutions for food waste challenges and manure issues as well. Mavitec contributes to a circular economy with sustainable solutions.

Nowadays Mavitec is still private owned and has over 200 employees: professional people with passion for the highest quality, techniques and services. With a growing amount of international representatives, a state-of-the-art production facility in Turkey, warehouses and sales & service offices worldwide, we are ready to keep offering the best rendering, gasification and green energy solutions, excellent service and reliable partnerships. Let’s improve the environment together!

Building the future
Mavitec is one of the leaders in the rendering industry and known for creating the best nutrient values in the market. Mavitec rendering systems convert animal by-products into high-quality proteins, fat and oils for use for pet food industry or cosmetics. Mavitec Environmental’s gasification system convert various kinds of manure into renewable energy and EcoChar, a powerful soil improver: a new way of solving manure issues and answer to dry soils. Gasification is an environmental technology that offers a lot of advantages such as volume reduction up to 85%, CO2 reduction. Mavitec Green Energy’s food waste & depackaging solutions turn supermarket waste into green energy. These machines separate the organic material from the packaging and deliver a clean organic output that is extremely suitable for use in e.g. biogas/biodiesel installations.

How it started
Mavitec started as exclusive distributor for the Dupps Company. Specialized in spare parts, service and components for the rendering industry and soon expanded by engineering, designing, manufacturing, installation and servicing of individual components up to turnkey projects worldwide. All based on the commitment to taking by-products from one process and recycle them into valuable materials. The key of the separation technology has been succesfully applied into other fields. In 2008 Mavitec developed a  shop return system and other solutions for the food waste industry and agricultural sector. Mavitec Green Energy was founded in 2009 and now one of the fast growing divisions of Mavitec. The Paddle Depacker has proven its success in Europe and its latest innovation is a Paddle Washer for more organic fraction yield and cleaner plastic output. This machine is expected to launch at the end of 2022. In 2015 Mavitec developed an innovative gasification system that converts various kinds of manure into renewable energy and EcoChar, a poweful soil improver. In 2018 Mavitec Environmental, the third division, was born.

Mavitec in numbers

  • More than 200 employees worldwide
  • 80 employees – headquarters The Netherlands
  • 120 employees – production facility Turkey
  • 4 offices/warehouses in The Netherlands, Turkey, USA, Russia
  • Export to over 50 countries worldwide
  • Over 200 installations operational

More information: download corporate brochure or contact us for more information.


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