Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal oxidizer 

The Thermal oxidizer is designed to eliminate the cooking/drying vapour. In addition, the Thermal oxidizer oxidizes the non-condensable, room- and process air odours to enable the discharge in the ambient air within the European local environmental regulated conditions.


  • Treats all processing vapours, the air cooled condenser is not required
  • No waste water plant is required because the systems doesn’t produce condensate
  • Eliminated chemical scrubbing for high intensive odours
  • Uses waste heat to produce steam that can be used to power the processing system
  • No chemicals required
  • Heat is reused

System complete with

  • Combustion chamber
  • Oxidizer/retention unit
  • Waste heat recovery section
  • PLC control system and system fans


  • Recuperative
  • Regenerative


  • Capacity: customized to clients needs