The RealWear kit is designed for online assistance with repairs, trouble shooting and streamlining of operations on site. The RealWear HMT-1 features a hands-free camera that makes it easy to record and share the live environment. With this tool the remote expertise of Mavitec is at your service 24/7: we can assist you online at any time and any place. A smart and safe solution for field service work, maintenance and repair assistance from a distance.


The headset is designed for heavy industrial use and is suitable for even the toughest of environmental conditions, from frigid zones to extreme hot temperatures. The RealWear device can be connected to a safety helmet, allowing work to continue to be carried out even in hazardous locations. The hands-free system can be used for remote support on any location and thanks to the noise cancellation clear communication is guaranteed.


• Assistance at any time and any place
• Online video and audio communication in high quality
• Ensuring efficiency, sustainability and safety