Vapour handling

Vapour handling

In the processing/drying section the water is evaporated from the raw material. The evaporated water turn into vapours. These vapours are handled in the vapour handling section.

Heat recovery from the vapour stream:

The vapour stream still contains energy. If the energy can be utilized in the rendering plant, for example to make hot water for cleaning or other purposes, the installation can be extended with a Heat Exchanger. The heat exchanger is feasible from small batch to large continuous installations.

By air cooled condensing:

1. The vapours arising from the cooking drying process are transported towards the Air cooled condenser.
2. Vapours are condensed. Ventilators draw ambient air into the condenser and pass the vin tubes, whereby condensation of the process vapours occurs.
3. The non-condensable fan draws off the non-condensable gasses to the Odour Handling section.
4. The liquids are transported to clients waste water treatment system.

By recuperative thermo oxidizing:

1. The vapours arising from the cooking drying process are transported towards the Thermo Oxidizer.
2. The vapours are burned in the Thermo oxidizer. For this process to occur in the right way additional air is required (this air can be process air and/or room air). Therefore the three main airflows of the rendering plant can be treated.
3. The heat released from the Thermo oxidizer is used in the waste heat boiler placed at the end of the combustion chamber. With this waste heat, steam is generated.


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