Continuous processing

Continuous processing

Supercookors® are used for the continuous cooking process of meatbones and offal.
The purpose of the Supercookor® in the rendering process is to dry the product. If your company requires high capacities, low energy input and the best possible end product the Supercookor® is the perfect solution for you!


  • High evaporation capacities varies between 2 ton till 16 ton per hour
  • Easy control
  • Low energy input
  • Doors on vapor dome for easy inspections and maintenance of the shaft
  • Heavy walled tubes for long life both carbon and stainless steel execution available
  • Recirculating oil system on shaft bearing for lower maintenance costs
  • Full-length vapour release for higher evaporation capacity
  • TÜV / PED / GOST R/ Russian TR/ GOST K/ GOST B /GGTM

For more technical information check out our product sheet of the Supercookor®

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Continuous processing


High capacity continuous cooking solution creates high evaporation capacities from 2 ton up to 16 ton per hour.