Raw material handling and storage

Raw material handling and storage

The Raw Material section is the first section of the Rendering plant. Due to the enormous variety of type and nature of the animal by-products, there are specific methods of storage, transfer, and pre-treatment required in the raw material section. The main differences in this design and execution is the raw material source, like Poultry (White Meat) by-products, Red Meat by-products or Fish by-products.

This section is meant to take care of the raw material input, whether it’s meat, bones, offals, blood or feathers.

Raw material section consists of:

  • Storage equipment
  • Equipment for transferring the raw material
  • Pre- treatment (metal detection equipment)
  • Size reduction (crushing equipment)
  • Pre-separation (feather pressing equipment)

Rendering is about making the best profit out of your by-products. Mavitec is aware of these needs and is specialized in fine-tuning the equipment to make the best possible end-product. Mavitec makes your by-product most valuable to reduce the return-on-investment and increase your profits! This is why we claim “Rendering is not waste handling it’s nutrient management!

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Raw material handling and storage

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