Newsletter Spring 2021

Newsletter Spring 2021

A year without exhibitions. Without traveling. Without meeting and without personal contact. Despite these unforeseen circumstances Mavitec has been up and running! Behind the scenes we have been working hard to realize our ambitions to grow. This Spring we will install our 50th Paddle Depacker, various rendering plants are under construction in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, gasifiers are being installed in Saudi Arabia. EcoChar is available to the market and insect breeding is developing. We invested in new machines, in innovations, in people. To intensify our services and support and to keep offering you the best Rendering, Gasification and Green Energy solutions worldwide. We are proud to share some news and developments online and look forward to seeing you soon. width= In the mean time our Sales and Service teams are ready to assist you at any time and any place. Please feel free to contact us, let’s stay connected!


Stay safe and healthy,
Maco van Heumen, CEO Mavitec


New office Germany width=

To follow up the fast growing activities and demand for Mavitec Green Energy’s unique food waste & depackaging solutions, we are proud to announce the opening of our German office. Mavitec Deutschland is established in Prien, Germany, and will be represented by Mr. Paul Jansen and Oliver Kloth.


New! EcoChar website width=

Mavitec launched a new website on EcoChar: EcoChar is a powerful soil improver and valuable by-product of our gasification system that converts various kinds of manure into renewable energy and high value EcoChar. It still contains the mineral ash and fixed carbon which offers great environmental advantages and economic value. EcoChar consists of high P, K, Ca and Mg values, is dry, free from pathogens and can hold more water than its own weight. It improves soil fertility, lowers the amount of nutrients needed and reduces your carbon footprint. Interested? Visit or contact our sales department.


High tech machinery width=

Our factory is constantly developing and up-grading it with the latest technologies. Recently Mavitec invested close to one million euros in state-of-the-art machines and equipment. The first machine has been installed, more machines will follow the next two months.


The power of the Paddle Depacker width=

This Spring Mavitec Green Energy will install its 50th Paddle Depacker line! This innovative depackaging machine separates the organic material from the packaging and turns various kinds of food waste into the cleanest organic soups. The machine handles up to 30 m3/hour and produces a >99,5% clean organic output that complies to latest European legislation. Last year the machine has successfully been tested on a wide variety of materials at several plants across Europe. The machine is able to process supermarket returns, dairy products, chocolate, cookies, chips, bread, sauces, canned products and more. Want to turn your food waste into green energy? Contact our Sales Department.


In the spotlight: Genesis Biopartner Romania width=

One of our valued Romanian customers selected Mavitec Green Energy to increase capacity for his food waste depackaging installations. After successful use of the small model (Paddle Depacker Model S) the higher capacity version of this depackaging machine was choosen to process various kinds of packed food waste products. The Paddle Depacker handles up to 30 m3 / hour and produces the cleanest organic output (>99,5% clean!). The machine is able to process dry and wet products, a unique feature! Genesis also selected our Martinater line to process different kinds of fruits & vegetables into a pumpable slurry. The clean organic output of both lines will be used in the clients’ biogas installations. More information: visit our website.


Convert manure into renewable energy

 width=Converting biomass into renewable energy and creating additional revenue streams. RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) wrote an article about it in the Biobased Energy Guide. Mavitec developed an innovative technology that converts various kinds of manure into green energy and EcoChar, a valuable by-product of the gasification process. Gasification ensures a smaller environmental carbon footprint and will be one of the answers to future energy needs. Gasification is a new way of solving manure issues and offers a lot advantages such as volume reduction, production of renewable energy and reduction of CO2. The EcoChar can be used as soil improver. Interested? Read the complete article.


Profit from processing poultry by-products

 width=How to double earnings from processing poultry by-products? Choose Mavitec! With the right equipment you get the highest quality meat & bone meal and fat. One of our valued Ukrainian customers explains in an interview in ‘PoultryWorld’. Before 2015, these by-products were considered as waste and treated as such. Under a new development strategy, the company re-equipped its production facilities to process by-products and generate additional profits. About improving the quality of the products and stepping up to the premium quality segment: meat & bone meal and fat. Due to the general shortage of proteins in the market prices showed an increase with respect to all rendered products: a sharp rise in prices for vegetable proteins and oils was reflected in increased prices for animal proteins and fats. Read the complete article on our website.


NIRS: in-line process control

 width=With Mavitec it’s possible to create the best nutrient values in the market. Our rendering solutions turn animal by-products into high nutrient meal and high quality oil. In close cooperation with Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH, Mavitec presents a smart technology to analyze and optimize your process for more profit. NIRS (Near InfraRed Spectrometer) is a fast, easy and reliable (in-line) continuous quality control for insight in the quality of end-products in protein and tallow/fat/oil. This unit provides valuable data about the products you work with and enables you to extract the highest possible value from each batch or continuous process. Interested? Contact us for more information.


Innovation in insect breeding

 width=The Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit is a revolutionary idea of Amusca, designed and made by Mavitec. This unit is able to produce up to 3.5 ton of live larvae per day and enables poultry farms to take a big step towards sustainability. Make the most out of the enormous potential of insects by using smart technology! After an extensive period of engineering and testing at Mavitec headquarters, the containers are installed at the Innovation Lab of Poultry Expertise Centre in Barneveld, The Netherlands. The protein-rich larvae can be used for e.g. animal feed. Latest research results shows improvement on chicken’s health and well being thanks to natural behaviour. Interested? Read the complete story on our website or contact Mavitec or Amusca: the ideal combination of smart insect technology and innovative process technology!


RealWear: smart & safe online support

 width=Mavitec presents a new tool to assist customers with repairs, trouble shooting and streamlining of operations on site. The RealWear HMT-1 features a camera that makes it easy to record and share the environment. Online support through the RealWear can be done through various apps. A smart and safe solution for field service work, maintenance and repair assistance from a distance. Interested? Visit our website or contact our Sales Department.


Service & Assistance

Also in these times we do our utmost to continue and improve the best service possible. For all your questions, need for support or assistance we recently introduced a new Service & Assistance Department.


 width=Can we help you?
Contact our service experts directly by e-mail:


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Meet Mavitec

To expand our sales activities worldwide our Sales team has been extended by two Area Sales Managers. Josephine Bouwman is responsible for the relation and communication with customers in Europe and Asia, Martin Vonk for the Russian market and Baltic States.

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Europe, Asia
Josephine Bouwman
+31 (0)6 53 18 85 08
 Russia, Baltic States
Martin Vonk
+31 (0)6 53 42 01 04



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