RealWear kit: on site remote service & assistance

RealWear kit: on site remote service & assistance

Mavitec offers the RealWear kit to assist customers online with repairs, trouble shooting and streamlining of operations on site. With this tool the remote expertise of Mavitec is at your service 24/7. We can assist you at any time and any place! A smart and safe solution for field service work, maintenance and repair assistance from a distance.


The headset is designed for heavy industrial workers who need to work handsfree and is suitable for use in all working and environment conditions. It is able to withstand frigid zones to extreme hot temperatures. The RealWear device can be connected to the safety helmet, allowing you to work in hazardous locations. The hands-free system makes it possible to offer remote support on any location,  thanks to the noise cancellation also in environments with a lot of noise. The high capacity spare battery (up to 6 hours of usage time) ensures that there is always enough power available. The kit is suitable for use with the latest smart devices and comes equipped with a modem so even without WiFi you can still stay online.


 width=• Assistance at any time and any place
• Online video and audio communication in high quality
• Ensuring efficiency, sustainability and safety


a smart and safe solution for field service work, maintenance
and repair assistance from a distance!

Interested?  Contact our our Sales department  or download the RealWear kit leaflet.








In close cooperation with VR Expert, The Netherlands.


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