Innovations at VIV Europe

Innovations at VIV Europe

From 31 May to 2 June Mavitec is present at VIV Europe in Utrecht, The Netherlands, the international Expo from Food to Feed that brings together all sectors in the food industry.
Together with our partner Kromeka – specialized in poultry processing & hatchery automation solutions – we are delighted to invite you at our stand. After two years we are glad to meet each other in real life again and we are happy to inform you on our latest rendering & gasification solutions.

Create the best nutrient values in the market
Our batch and continuous systems turn animal by-products into the highest quality proteins and oils, such as meat and bone meal, poultry meat meal, feather meal, tallow, fat and oil.
At our stand we will show case our 1500 fat press, specially developed for the poultry industry to remove liquid fat from unpressed crax in batch rendering plants. This press separates liquid from solid material by the application of high pressure.

A new way of solving manure issues
Mavitec developed an innovative gasification system that converts various kinds of manure into renewable energy and high value EcoChar, a powerful soil improver that can be used as fertilizer. Recently we installed four gasifiers in the Middle East, converting over 400 tons of chicken manure and producing 50 tons of EcoChar per day. The gasification process ensures a smaller footprint and will be one of the answers to future energy needs.

Let’s meet
Interested in the opportunities we can offer for your business and how we can improve the environment together?
Visit us at booth 07.B120. We have free tickets available, please use the registration link below or contact us directly.

Questions or more information?
Do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department or visit our new website

We are looking forward to meeting you at VIV Europe, see you there!



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