Virtual mission Southeast Asia: ‘Waste management and circularity’

Virtual mission Southeast Asia: ‘Waste management and circularity’

During the virtual mission to Southeast Asia, from 1-4 december 2020, the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Vietnam hosted a webinar to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Mekong Delta. Mavitec took part in a panel highlighting the circular economy and waste management. In this field Mr. Helmus Damen offered practical experiences and show-cased Mavitec’s Dutch technology and expertise.

Helmus Damen, Sales Director of Mavitec (rendering solutions):
‘The meat sector in Southeast Asia is moving up fast, growth numbers are amazing. What’s left after the meat and slaughtering process are by-products (such as feathers/blood/soft material) that is not suitable for human consumption. Our technology converts these by-products into valuable proteins/meal for applications such as animal feed or pet food industry. The meat sector in Asia is moving up very fast and our technology offers a commercial business model.’

With special thanks to Larive International and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam.


Watch the complete video on YouTube.

Webinar hosted by Matthias Brienen (Larive International) with contributions by:
Liliane Geerling – Senior lecturer & researcher Delta Academy
Jan Jaap Volmer – Founder & Chief Upp! UpCycling Plastic B.V.
Helmus Damen – Sales Director Mavitec B.V.

November 2020



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