Наша система возврата конденсата под давлением (PCRS) предназначена для снижения потребления энергии пара свыше 15%. Эта система сбора и перекачки возвращает конденсат пара непосредственно в котел без потерь на мгновение и улучшает характеристики теплопередачи. Система возврата конденсата под давлением (PCRS) Mavitec снижает потребление воды паровой системой и химикаты.

In a pressurized condensate return system, the condensate is collected from steam-using equipment such as a (continuous) cooker and returned to the boiler or steam generator with higher pressure.
Instead of being discharged as waste, the high-pressure condensate is utilized as feedwater in the boiler.
This process offers several energy-saving benefits in the rendering industry:

  • Heat Recovery: Condensate contains valuable heat energy that would otherwise be lost if it is discharged as waste.
    The heat energy is recovered and used to preheat the incoming water by returning the condensate to the boiler. This reduces the amount of fuel required to raise the temperature of the water to the desired steam-generating level, resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Reduced Makeup Water Consumption: The condensate, when reused, reduces the need for fresh makeup water in the boiler system.
    Fresh makeup water typically requires preheating to reach the desired temperature, which consumes additional energy. Reusing condensate reduces the demand for makeup water, leading to energy savings.
  • Reduced Blowdown Losses: Blowdown removes impurities and concentrated solids from the boiler water.
    When condensate is returned to the boiler, it helps maintain the water chemistry balance, reducing the frequency and volume of blowdown required.
    This results in lower heat and water losses associated with blowdown, thereby saving energy.
  • Improved Boiler Efficiency: The boiler operates more efficiently by utilising high-quality condensate as feedwater.
    The preheated condensate requires less energy to reach the desired operating temperature compared to cold makeup water, leading to improved efficiency and energy savings.

Overall, a pressurized condensate return system allows for the recovery and reuse of valuable heat energy contained in the condensate.
By implementing such a system, the industry can reduce energy consumption, decrease water usage, and enhance boiler efficiency, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.


  • Установленная на салазках система сбора и откачки конденсата возвращает конденсат пара непосредственно в котел без потерь на мгновенное испарение.
  • Снижает потребление энергии более 15% при рабочем давлении 10 бар (изб.)
  • Снижает расход воды паровой системы
  • Снижает расход химикатов
  • Улучшает теплопередачу
  • Дополнительно: отдельная панель, оснащенная системой ПИД-регулирования.

Технические подробности

  • Производительность: Доступны различные значения производительности и напора насоса.
  • Потребление энергии пара более 15% при рабочем давлении 10 бар (изб.)