Article: Pecking at tasty larvae

Article: Pecking at tasty larvae

Interesting article about the promising results of the effects of pecking at live larvae. If broiler chicks can peck at fly larvae, they display more natural foraging behaviour, are less anxious and stay healthier. And if the protein-rich larvae are bred on surplus manure, they also form a sustainable feed. Read the complete article (source: WageningenWorld 1-2021).

After an intensive period of engineering, buildi width=ng and testing at Mavitec Heerhugowaard, the Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit has arrived at Aeres MBO Barneveld in Barneveld. The unit is installed near Poultry Innovation Lab of Poultry Expertise Centre. This innovative on-the-spot production-unit is able to produce 1 ton of larvae per day and enables poultry farms to take a big step towards sustainability. Make the most out of the enormous potential of insects by using smart technology: a revolutionary idea of Amusca, made by Mavitec.






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