• 21Sep

    Article: Innovation in poultry rendering

    Interesting article in the September issue of Livestock & Poultry ME/Asia about Mavitec’s poultry rendering solutions.                     Want to know more? Please contact us: info@mavitec.com.

  • 28Aug

    New! In-line NIRS: smart quality & process control

    Mavitec presents a smart technology to analyze and optimize your process for more profit. In cooperation with Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy Mavitec introduces the in-line Near InfraRed Spectrometer (NIRS), a fast, easy and reliable continuous quality control for insight in the quality of end-products in protein and tallow / fat / oil. This unit provides valuable Read more

  • 18Aug

    Food waste depackaging possible revenue maker

    The power of the Paddle Depacker! Nice article in the current issue of Render Magazine (August 2020) about our food waste depackaging solution as possible revenue maker for the rendering industry. More information about the Paddle Depacker.

  • 27Jul

    New Mavitec truck collection

    The latest addition to our truck collection! Besides a Mavitec Green Energy trailer we now also have a trailer with Mavitec design (tarpaulin and backdoor printing). Ready to ship more Paddle Depackers to happy customers across Europe.              

  • 30May

    Update Insect Breeding Unit

    This unique protein solution is almost ready for transportation! The ideal combination of smart insect technology and innovative process technology, a special partnership between Amusca and Mavitec. After an intensive period of engineering, building and testing the Insect Breeding Unit is almost ready to go to Barneveld, The Netherlands. This innovative on-the-spot production-unit is able Read more

  • 28Apr

    New Service & Assistance Department

    Also in these times we do our utmost to continue and improve the best service possible. For all your questions, need for support or assistance we introduce a new Service & Assistance Department. You can contact our service experts directly at service@mavitec.com.   Can we help you? Contact us   by e-mail: General: info@mavitec.com Spare parts: spareparts@mavitec.com Read more

  • 05Apr

    Postponed exhibitions – Mavitec still up and running

    Due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, international exhibitions decided to postpone their event. Mavitec is looking forward to meeting you later this year so please note the new dates:   VIV MEA Abu Dhabi: 31 Aug – 02 September IFAT München: 7 – 11 September UK AD & Biogas: 7 – 8 October Indo Livestock Read more

  • 24Mar

    Notification COVID-2019

    Recently we made measures to protect the health and well-being of our employees in all our Mavitec offices and production areas. At this moment of time it is unclear how long these limitations will last. We as Mavitec do our utmost to continue the services and supplies in order to meet all agreed delivery times Read more

  • 10Mar

    Article: Mavitec presents new way of solving manure issues

    Interesting article in the January – March issue of Livestock & Poultry ME about Mavitec’s gasification solutions. Want to know more? Please contact us: info@mavitec.com.

  • 03Mar

    VIV MEA 2020 postponed

    VIV MEA has postponed VIV MEA 2020.   May we still welcome you on the alternative date: Event: VIV MEA Place: Abu Dhabi Date: 31 August – 2 September