Introduction visit representative Africa

Introduction visit representative Africa

With a wealth of experience in the poultry and rendering business from over 22 years, Christo Le Grange is our new representative for the African market. Christo has a vast knowledge and experience in several fields of industrial processing and has always been ‘hands on’ in maintenance, services, client relations, optimization, projects and operation.

Christo is based in Johannesburg area and happy to assist if you have any questions.
Feel free to contact him:

Together with Helmus Damen and Martin Vonk, Area Sales Managers, Christo will focus on sales on the African continent. With Christo we bring an experienced person into our team. With experience in both poultry processing industry and rendering, he will be able to make a good contribution to our sales and services. After serveral zoom meetings Christo was our guest this month, to introduce him to our organization. In Heerhugowaard he met several colleagues and we told him everything about Mavitec and our way of working.

Then Martin Vonk joined him on a visit to Turkey, where we visited a customer, Mavitec’s factory and Kromeka, our partner in poultry processing. During these visits, Christo’s experience quickly surfaced. He made a clear and positive contribution to the conversations in almost all areas. We are pleased that we have been able to gain so much experience within our team and personally I am looking forward to the collaboration. The first impressions were very positive. The potential is certainly there in Africa and together we will make the best of it.

Together with Martin Vonk, this month Christo was also present at Nampo Fair, South Africa.


Photo 1 and 2 Martin Vonk, Ibrahim Atalay, Christo LeGrange
Photo 3 with Kromeka management team
Photo 4 Martin and Christo at Nampo show, June, South Africa


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