Exhibition season – Spring

Exhibition season – Spring

This Spring we finally had the chance to meet and greet customers in real life again.
After two years it was a pleasure to host several shows in the USA, France, UK, South Africa, Germany and The Netherlands. Thank you for visiting us!

Did you miss the show, and want to know more about creating the best nutrient values in the market or solving manure issues with gasification technology? Or how to turn your food waste into green energy, or other organic waste challenges?

Contact us, we are happy to tell you everything about our latest rendering, gasification & green energy solutions and see what we can do for your business.


Impression of:
IPPE Atlanta, Midldle East Poultry Ryadh, Waste Expo Las Vegas, IFFA Frankfurt, IFAT München, EPFRA Portugal, VIV Europe, ExpoBiogaz.


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