Mavitec Rendering Events 2023

Mavitec Rendering Events 2023

Events provide a chance for people (companies) to come together and experience something new and exciting. Mavitec Rendering offers complete solutions to maximize the value of your animal by-products. Interested in the opportunities we can offer for your business? Visit our booth


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Video interview H. Damen at Poultry India 2023

Mavitec presents an exclusive video captured at Poultry India 2023, featuring Helmus Damen, a seasoned professional engaging in a dynamic...

Приветствие сезона

Mavitec Group поздравляет вас с Рождеством и здоровым Новым годом! Мы хотели бы воспользоваться этой возможностью ...

Higher protein levels

Did you know Mavitec’s batch cooker can handle capacities from 1.000 kg up to 10.000 kg/batch? Due to the special...