Batch Cooker

Batch Cooker

Batch Cooker

Batch cookers are used for the batch cooking process as described in the processing section. The purpose of the batch cooker in the rendering process is to condition, sterilize, hydrolyze and dry the product. If your company renders white meat (poultry), red meat, feathers, blood or a mixture of by-products the batch cooker is the perfect solution for you.


  • High loading capacities compared to raw volume
  • High performance shaft for short batch times
  • Flexibility of adding additional Batch cooker(s)
  • Both automatic and manual
  • Heated shell and shaft
  • Strong under frame for easy installation, maintenance and piping
  • Frame mounted gear reducer and drive for strength and rigidity
  • Small footprint
  • Unit arrives complete pre-fitted
  • TÜV / PED / GOST R/ Russian TR/ GOST K/ GOST B /GGTM


  • Capacity loading from 1.100 kg up to 9.700 kg

For more technical information check out our product sheet of the Batch Cooker.