Video interview H. Damen at Poultry India 2023

Interview Helmus Poultry India 2023

Mavitec presents an exclusive video captured at Poultry India 2023, featuring Helmus Damen, a seasoned professional engaging in a dynamic discussion with our local agent, Pitchai Subramanian from India. At this prominent exhibition, we showcased our three divisions, highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation. Mavitec Green Energy: Maximize the value of your food waste! […]

Custom-Engineered Electrical Panels

coworkers electrical control panels

In-house designed control panels Our ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANELS are not just designed and programmed with the latest technologies and software, but they also provide a comprehensive view of your processes, including real-time process data and data logging. Whether you need a simple switch panel or a complex setup involving PLCs, PCs, or HMI touch screen […]

state-of-the-art rendering plant in Tanzania

State-of-the-art rendering plant in Tanzania This facility, equipped with the latest batch cooker technology, is specifically designed to process poultry by-products efficiently and safely. Our installation represents not just a leap in cutting-edge technology but also our commitment to responsible resource management. At the heart of our operation is the batch cooker, a marvel of […]


Last month our Sales Engineer Rick van der Reijden travelled with 20+ students to Mojokerto, East Java. Their mission: to execute development projects through the initiative, the Community Outreach Program Indonesia. Thanks to Mavitec’s financial support, the projects gained remarkable momentum. Projects spanned key areas such as school renovations, dental care education led by a dedicated student […]

Die Grüße der Jahreszeit

Mavitec Group wishes you merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in 2022 and look forward to working with you next year. 2022 was a year full of challenges and also in 2023 we will do our utmost to keep […]

Higher protein levels

Did you know Mavitec’s batch cooker can handle capacities from 1.000 kg up to 10.000 kg/batch? Due to the special design of shaft and shell, our batch times are on average 1 – 2 hours shorter than standard batch cooker designs, resulting in saving energy costs and higher protein levels. For example, batch times based […]

Mavitec Türkei 12,5 Jahre

This Summer Mavitec Turkey is celebrating 12,5 years of craftmanship and quality. Mavitec’s own factory offers high tech production facilities, state-of-the-art machinery and latest technologies. Over 100 employees work with passion to offer the highest quality and best service. Recently a third production hall has been added to complete our 14.000 m2 field, including three […]

Energie sparen mit PCRS

Das Pressurized Condensate Return System (PCRS) von Mavitec wurde entwickelt, um den Dampfenergieverbrauch um bis zu 15% zu reduzieren. Dieses Sammel- und Pumpsystem führt Dampfkondensat ohne Flash-Verluste direkt zum Kessel zurück und verbessert die Wärmeübertragungsleistung. Unser PCRS reduziert den Dampfenergieverbrauch um bis zu 15% bei 10 bar(g) Betriebsdruck. Möchten Sie wissen, wie Sie sparen können […]

Newsletter Sommer 2022

Nach zwei herausfordernden Jahren freuen wir uns auf ein Wiedersehen im realen Leben und freuen uns! In diesem Jahr feiert Mavitec sein 20-jähriges Bestehen. Wir sind stolz darauf, seit über 20 Jahren Ihr zuverlässiger Partner zu sein, und unser Ehrgeiz ist es, weiterhin die besten Rendering-, Vergasungs- und grünen Energielösungen sowie exzellenten Service anzubieten. […]

20-jähriges Jubiläum von Mavitec

Heute feiert Mavitec seinen zwanzigsten Geburtstag! Am 1. Juli 2002 wurde Mavitec BV offiziell gegründet. Gestartet mit fünf Personen, heute mit mehr als 200 Mitarbeitern, einer hochmodernen Produktionsstätte in der Türkei, Lagern und Vertriebs- und Servicebüros weltweit und einer wachsenden Zahl internationaler Vertretungen. Unser Ziel ist es, weiterhin die beste Tierkörperverwertung, Vergasung […]