Poultry Rendering in Saudi Arabia

Poultry Rendering in Saudi Arabia

Continuous Rendering, Feather processing, Poultry Meat

In December 2014, Mavitec was awarded an exciting project in Saudi Arabia to design, supply, and deliver a complete poultry rendering facility. The facility comprises a soft poultry by-product line with a daily capacity of 267,000kg and a feather processing line capable of processing 134,000kg per day.

The soft line is based on two parallel model 160U Supercookers and two Pressors, while the feather line runs two continuous Hydrolysors CH2820 and two 200m2 disc dryers. To handle vapors and raise steam, we installed two Thermal Oxidizers DEO 23.600. For handling the room air, a 50.000m3/hr chemical scrubber was supplied.

Within one year, our team successfully designed, built, and commissioned the entire factory. Today, the facility operates at full capacity, producing a high-quality end-product that exceeds industry standards.


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