No waste! Profit out of poultry processing

No waste! Profit out of poultry processing


In the magazine of Dutch Poultry Centre (June, 2022) one of our dear valued Ukrainian customers – one of the largest poultry processing companies in Europe – talks about creating extra income from poultry production.

Together with Mavitec it installed a fully integrated rendering facility to convert intestines, fat, feathers and blood into premium quality fat and meat and bone meal. MHP constantly focuses on improving processes by optimizing, reconstructing and modernizing equipment and production lines. To get super-premium quality feed, it is important to minimize the time from receiving the waste to delivering the finished product. MHP’s time lapse is 6 hours max, with premium yields as a result. This means that rendering in some cases yields higher margins than ready made chicken. That is why rendering is not waste handling, but nutrient management, contributing to a desired circular economy.

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