Fully Automated Feather Rendering Line in the Philippines

Fully Automated Feather Rendering Line in the Philippines

Mavitec is proud to announce the installation of a Feather Rendering Plant for 3J Foods Processing Corporation in San Pablo City, Philippines. This new rendering facility, equipped with two 5000-liter Batch Cookers, uses Shell and Tube condensers for cooling the vapour. This innovation allows 3J Foods to efficiently collect hot water while simultaneously condensing vapors.

This project exemplifies Mavitec’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

San Pablo City, Philippines
Client: 3J Foods Processing Corporation


  • Equipment: 2x Batch Cooker 5000L 
  • Special Feature: Shell-and-tube condensers for hot water.
  • Automation: Fully automated system


  • Efficiency: High productivity with minimal downtime.
  • Customer Satisfaction: 3J Foods praises Mavitec’s guidance and expertise
  • Sustainability: Advanced technology ensures minimal environmental impact.


Customer Feedback: “We are really happy with the progress and overall service provided by Mavitec. As newcomers to rendering, we benefit greatly from Mavitec’s guidance and expertise in both sales and project execution.”


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