Video interview H. Damen at Poultry India 2023

Video interview H. Damen at Poultry India 2023

Interview Helmus Poultry India 2023

Mavitec presents an exclusive video captured at Poultry India 2023, featuring Helmus Damen, a seasoned professional engaging in a dynamic discussion with our local agent, Pitchai Subramanian from India.

At this prominent exhibition, we showcased our three divisions, highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation.

  1. Mavitec Green Energy: Maximize the value of your food waste! Mavitec Green Energy is specialized in food waste and depackaging solutions that provide the highest separation results in the market. The Paddle Depacker separates the organic material from the packaging and complies to latest European legislation. This innovative depackaging machine produces the cleanest organic output (>99,7% clean!) that is extremely suitable for biogas installations.
  2. Mavitec Rendering: Maximize the value of your by-products! Mavitec is specialized in rendering, green energy and gasification solutions and a leading company in the rendering industry. Our continuous and batch rendering solutions create the best nutrient values in the market, such as high quality feather/blood/meat meal, tallow, fat and oils.
  3. Mavitec Environmental: offers an innovative gasification system that converts various kinds of manure into renewable energy and high value EcoChar: a new way of solving manure issues! Gasification is an environmental technology that offers a lot of advantages such as volume reduction up to 85%, production of renewable energy and EcoChar – a powerful soil improver – and CO2 reduction. The produced energy can be used as steam, hot water, electricity and hot air.

Watch the Exclusive Video: Gain valuable insights into the industry as Helmus Damen and Pitchai Subramanian discuss aspects of our operations and vision.


Video by: Hybiz tv: Poultry India Video 2023


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