Boletín Verano 2022

Boletín Verano 2022

After two challenging years, we are happy to meet each other again in real life and look forward!

This year Mavitec is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We are proud to be your reliable partner over 20 years and our ambition is to keep offering the best rendering, gasification & green energy solutions and excellent service.

Together with our customers we contribute to a circular economy and better environment. From creating the best nutrient values in the market, a new way of solving manure issues to fighting food waste. The Paddle Depacker proved to be the most efficient and economic solution to depack a wide variety of products and creates the cleanest organic soups for use in biogas/biodiesel installations. Our latest innovation is a machine that delivers the perfect plastic output, dry and extremely clean.

Read all about it in Mavitec Newsletter SUMMER 2022.


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