• 20Dec
  • 13Dec

    Managing manure by land application or gasification

    Interesting article in Biomass & Bioenergy of Hanjing Wu et al.: Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions of feedlot manure management practices: Land application versus gasification.   Click here for the article

  • 06Dec

    The Protein Challenge 2040: shaping the future of food

    How can we meet the protein needs of 9 billion people in a way that is affordable, healthy and good for the environment? The Protein Challenge 2040 is a collaboration of international businesses and NGOs which aims to accelerate progress towards sustainable production and consumption of protein and help scale up impactful solutions.   The collaboration presented Read more

  • 29Nov

    Mavitec Green Energy published an article in BioEnergy Insight!

    Litter and Manure are the modern pollution problem! This is the core of our article published in the Nov/Dec issue of the BioEnergy Insight magazine.   In this article we state that animal manure and/or litter has become the modern pollution problem. And we introduce our solution: Gasification. Our Gasification System enables Agricultural producers to turn the massive amounts Read more

  • 15Nov

    Mavitec is present at Poultry India; the largest poultry exhibition in South Asia!

    We invite you to visit our Stall No. T-19 & T-20 in Hall # 4 at the Poultry India Trade Show. The show is held at the Hitex Exhibition Complex, Hyderabad.  Poultry India is the largest poultry exhibition in South Asia. At the exhibition we will introduce our Gasification system for Poultry Litter and Manure and our rendering Read more

  • 01Nov

    Mavitec presents the new Paddle Depacker at Eurotier/EnergyDecentral 2016

    At the Eurotier / EnergyDecentral 2016 we will introduce our newest machine: the Paddle Depacker; an enhanced and high capacity de-packing solution! It produces a clean organic product – up to 99%! – suitable for biogas installations by separating the organic material from the packaging. With its simple and low maintenance design and quick opening doors for easy Read more

  • 25Oct

    Positive comparison EcoChar with activated carbon

    The Chemical Engineering Journal recently published the work from the Polish scientist on heavy metal remediation. In this article a comparison is made between our EcoChar and an activated carbon product. The research shows that the amount of different metals captured by EcoChar, which is a valuable resedue from our Gasification System, is higher than by an activated carbon Read more

  • 20Oct

    How farmers can turn the massive amounts of manure into green energy – and profit!

    Mavitec Green Energy recently published an article in the BioEnergy Insight magazine in which we state that animal manure and/or litter has become the modern pollution problem. And we introduce our solution: Gasification. Our Gasification System enables Agricultural producers to turn the massive amounts of manure and/or litter into green energy and EcoChar – and profit!   Read more

  • 23Aug

    Mavitec Green Energy introduces the new way of solving your litter/manure problem and turning it into a profitable business!

    Mavitec proudly anounces the introduction of high efficiency gasification systems to transform litter, manure and organic waste into green energy : steam, electricity, hot water, heat and high quality EcoChar residue. With our partner Coaltec we offer a patentend gasifier technology that can be combined with various solutions to handle any specific litter/manure problem to Read more

  • 03Sep

    Mavitec in online catalog of Galicia SL

    Mavitec is included in the online catalogue of Galicia, SL. We would like to thank Galicia, SL for this wunderful representation of our company and are glad to be part of it. Please click on the catalogue below to see the results yourself.