• 15Jul

    Mavitec on the Ukrainian television! Opening FeedNova (video)

    Last month the opening of FeedNova, one of the most modern rendering plants in Europe, took place in Bus’k, Lviv region, Ukrain. A unique plant that represents innovative solutions for the processing of animal by-products, built by Ukrainian and international investors.  With a total investment of USD 20 mln the highest standards of control of environment safety technologies have been implemented. Mavitec is proud to be part of this project, with a capacity of more than 130 tons per day the company is ready to create the best nutrient values in the market.

    Watch the video: ‘NEW PRODUCTION CAPACITIES’
    The first Rendering plant in Western part of Ukraine has been opened in Busk, to  process 130 tons of animal by-products daily

    Source: PravdaTUT Lviv