Example of an old Batch CookerIn the rendering of animal by-product process the following processing methods are used either batch or continuous.

Sterilization of animal by-products:

The sterilization process kills all forms of microbial life, including transmissible agents. Our sterilization system sterilizes the animal by-products for it to be save to handle. This is all been done conform Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009. For the batch sterilization process we use Batch Cookers and for the continuous sterilization process we use a Continuous Sterilizer.

Hydrolyzing of feather by-products:

Hydrolyzing is a chemical process in which a molecule of water is added to, in this case, the feather by-products. This addition of water causes both substance and water molecule to split into two parts. In other words the feathers fall apart. When the products are hydrolyzed they are not simultaneously dried. For the batch hydrolyzation process we use Batch Cookers and for the continuous hydrolyzation process we use a Continuous hydrolyzor™.

Coagulating of blood by-products:

Coagulation is the process by which blood forms clots. For the coagulated process we use a Blood Coagulator®.

Drying of animal by-products:

Drying is the process to evaporate the water that’s inside the animal by-products. For the batch drying process we use Batch Cookers and for the continuous drying process we use a Supercookor®, Disc Dryer/Cooker (Discor)®, Ring Dryer, Airless Ringdryer or Drumdryer.