Ring Dryer dries pretreated material such as blood cloth or hydrolyzed feather massThe Ring Dryer dries pretreated material such as blood clot or hydrolyzed feather mass. It uses direct heat as an efficient drying medium. This results in short heat contact time and thus the highest possible end product quality and with the lowest possible energy costs.


    • Highest end-product quality, Product digestibility and amino acid profiles
    • Extreme short drying time
    • Indirect Room Air Treatment
    • Simple and accurate control of moisture content
    • Produces a consistent product without wet spots (salmonella), ready to bag or store
    • Short exposure to heat
    • Product digestibility increasesRing Drying process of Feathers and/or Blood
    • Optional: Recirculates 50% of the heated exhaust air to save fuel and odour control costs


For more technical information check out our product sheet of the Ring Dryer