View of the inside of the batch or continuous rendering factory.The purpose of the processing section is to condition, sterilize, hydrolyze and dry the products.

We can offer two processing methods; batch processing and continuous processing. The choice between these processing methods is driven by economical arguments. Where continuous processing can achieve higher capacities.

The processing methods & equipment:

Batch processing of all by-products – Batch Cooker
Continuous drying of meat, bones and Offal – Supercookor®/ Disc dryer
Continuous hydrolyzing of feathers – Continuous hydrolyzor™
Continuous coagulating of blood – Blood coagulator®
Continuous drying of feather or blood – Ring Dryer/ Disc dryer
– Airless Dryer/ Drum Dryer

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We are the specialists in these processing methods and we will help your company to make the best decision that fits your needs! Rendering is about making the best profit out of your by-products. Mavitec makes your by-product most valuable to reduce the return-on-investment and increase your profits! This is why we claim “Rendering is not waste handling it’s nutrient management!