Batch Containerised Unit + Defatting Section 3Mavitec’s Containerized batch solution is a fully functional rendering plant made to process small quantities of poultry or red meat by-products from the slaughtering process. With it’s small footprint this unit is suitable to be placed inside a small building or even outside if the weather conditions allow it. The container is plug and play and just need to be connected to the water, electricity supply and if equipped with defatting container the containers need to be connected.


  • Suitable for both poultry as red meat by-products
  • 40″ container dimensions
  • Suitable for mobile rendering
  • Easy transport & small footprint
  • Plug and play set up only, water and electricity local supply
  • Loading capacity up to 2.100kg
  • Including all feeding, transfer and discharge conveyor
  • For the 1.800L cooker including steam generator
  • Including condensing and non-condensable control
  • Including meal bagging of
  • Available in both carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Complies with the latest “EU” sanitation regulations
  • Complies with various international pressure vessel standards
  • Expandable with various options

For more technical information check out the product sheet