The Dupps company was founded in 1935. They were one of the first companies to built machinery for the rendering industry. The term “Rendering” is originated from the French “Rander” which means “the left over of something”, but common for the “Invisible” animals by-product processing industry. The “Dry Rendering” process systems of Dupps and or Mavitec, convert animal Co-Products into valuable proteins and fats, by conditioning, drying, thus water removal, and separation of the solids from the liquids.

In 1991 Henk van Heumen founded the company “Dupps Europe” in the Netherlands. Dupps Europe acted as an intermediary of the Dupps Company mainly for Europe. Dupps Europe has been resolved in 2002 due to the B.S.E. era, while Mavitec continued with the ongoing activities. The name Mavitec consist of Ma; Maco van Heumen, Vi; Vincent Vermeulen and Tec; Technology. Mavitec started with five people consisting of Maco van Heumen, Vincent Vermeulen, Rob de Leeuw, Jim van Heumen and Carin Nijholt. This team was able to design and engineer rendering plants. For this period Dupps remained the supplier of the machinery used in this systems and remained contractor for the projects. In 2004 Mavitec sold their first complete installation and in 2006 started their first foreign office in Lithuania.

In 2008 Mavitec’s core business remained serving the rendering industry but in addition they developed a system for the food recycling industry under the name Mavitec Green Energy.

2010 was the year when Mavitec acquired a production facility formally known as Mavitec Turkey. In this year Mavitec also founded an office in the Ukraine.
In 2011, Mavitec acquire Engelsma R&B to support and extend the Mavitec service activities, and named this company Mavitec Construction. Mavitec Construction being part of the Mavitec group, is instrumental to the overall service activities of Mavitec.
The core business of Mavitec Construction remained:
– Design, manufacturing and installation of steel constructions predominately for the general civil works.
– Taylor made steel structures.
– Semi final products for specific end-users.
– Coded and Certified steel structures, Off Shore standard skid and containers, approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping certification, as per NEN 12079.
In 2012 Mavitec installed a big project in Serbia and therefore founded an own office in this country.

At this present Mavitec consist of 160 people worldwide of which 60 in the Netherlands. Mavitec is represented in many countries by various agents.

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