The logo of The Dupps Company in the colour redJohn J. Dupps started the John J. Dupps Company in 1935 and began exploring the possibilities of the dry rendering. Prior to this method, rendering was done in tall, cylindrical vats. Steam was injected into the conical shaped base of the cooker, and as animal fat was separated from the offal by heat, it floated to the top of the vat where it was ladeled off. The process was inefficient in its use of energy and manpower.

John J. Dupps needed a facility to test his new ideas, and a plant to which he could bring his prospective new customers to see his ideas in action and therefore took over Germantown Rendering Company. He joined forces with Robert L. McTavish, they jointly owned Germantown Rendering until Dupps’ death in 1943.

Example of an old The John J. Dupps Co. Batch cookerJohn J Dupps died in 1943 and Robert L. Mc Tavish took sole control of Germantown Rendering and remained an important force as Vice president of the Dupps company. The popular advertising technique of that era was the trade name. Dupps’ products went to market for the first time carrying the trade name, “Rujak”, after his daughter and his son, Ruth and Jack.

In 1947 a new manufacturing facility was build. In the years that would follow, the company eventually moved away from its role as a supplier of meat packing house equipment in order to focus all of its resources on becoming the nation’s major supplier of rendering equipment. The company soon reached this position. In 1950 the company name was changed to The Dupps Company to reflect its expanding capabilities.

The Dupps Company, under Jack Dupps Stewardship, introduced screw conveyors and ring dryers to the rendering process. with these inovaitons The Dupps company became regarded as “the most firsts” for the rendering industry.

In 1963 Jack Dupps and Jack Keith started a joint venture agreement creating Duke, Inc. Later, in 1972, Duke Inc. was merged into The Dupps Company. In that same year a joint venture company was formed in Holland known as Stork-Duke to sell in the European market.

As described on the page “About Mavitec”, Dupps Europe started in 1991. Later Dupps Europe was named Mavitec. Mavitec sells, supplies, delivers en install Dupps systems and equipment.